Bidirectional Power Supply 60V-2000V

ERSC HELR Heinzinger Automotive NI_5

ERS Compact

  • Output classes from 5kW to 30kW
  • modulare system (up to 30 units in parallel mode)
  • compact 19″ rack, 3 or 4 U
  • multifunctional software with frequency generator

ERS-Compact is the ideal solution for your 48-Volt applications

Heinzinger-Automotive Voltage

60V to 2,000V



Heinzinger Automotive Multiused

Up to 30 Units

ERSC Cooling

Cooling Air/Water

Intuitive touch panel for standalone operation and all popular interfaces

Micro and mild hybrid systems are playing an increasingly important role in the electrification of modern vehicle drive systems. 48-Volt applications, used in conjunction with diesel and gas engines, can significantly reduce fuel consumption. As a module for engine-internal efficiency technology, the systems can also improve driving comfort, because silent travel is possible even at higher speeds. Depending on the vehicle, new cars are equipped with the familiar 12-Volt network or new, 48-Volt applications, which are set to become the standard in future. Turbochargers also benefit from 48-Volt applications: Electrically powered compressors support the turbocharger if not enough energy can be drawn from the exhaust stream.

Thoroughly test new systems with ERS-Compact

To ensure that technical systems function reliably with all 48-Volt applications, numerous advance tests and checks are needed. This is where the ERS-Compact comes in, allowing the electrical system’s topology, voltage level and demands in terms of load and dynamics, battery capacity and different charging currents to all be tested. With the ERS-Compact, battery simulation can be carried out reliably while taking account of all kinds of conditions. Journeys can be defined and simulated, for example, but also different ambient temperatures and environmental conditions. The highly dynamic ERS-Compact system with rise times of significantly less than one millisecond allow drive cycles to be assessed in real time.

ERS-Compact offers modular design

The modular design of the ERS-Compact means that up to four devices can be connected in a serial, parallel or even mixed arrangement in order to set up 48-Volt applications with higher currents or other voltage combinations. The cluster of devices can also be expanded later without any problems, giving you complete flexibility.


  • Intuitive touch-panel for stand-alone operation
  • Test-sequencer for individual drive cycles
  • Integrated arbitrary generator
  • Modular design for cascading up to 16 systems in parallel
  • Master-slave-control
  • USB, Ethernet and CAN Interface
  • 2-quadrant-system

ERS-Compact Datasheet

High Voltage Power Supply 1,200V


High voltage power supply ERS-BIC up to 2,400kW.


Electronic Load 0 – 2,000V


HELR is the ideal solution for your battery recycling applications.

ERSC HELR Heinzinger Automotive NI_5
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