ERS-BIC – high dynamic DC-source-sink

Heinzinger Automotive Battery Test Battery Simulation
  • different operation modes for flexible testing applications
  • for tests, validation and end-of-line
  • optimized operation modes for 400V/800V class
  • Increasing of output by master-slave-operation mode
  • up to 180 % overload capacity
High Voltage

up to 1,200 V

High Current

up to 4,800 A

High Power

up to 2,400 kW



Battery simulation with ERS-BIC for maximum outputs up to 2400 kW

The highly dynamic system for high-performance testing systems in the automotive industry

Sophisticated testing methods are now becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. Drive trains or components for hybrid vehicles or electric cars are having to be tested, for example. ERS-BIC is the powerful battery simulation system for all cars, utility vehicles or modern machines and can be used for low-voltage as well as high-voltage applications. Particularly dynamic characteristics and a broad spectrum of possible uses are the hallmarks of the ERS-BIC: Battery simulation is one of the potential areas of use alongside a wide range of feed and simulation tasks.

Measuring reproducible data

Modern testing rigs must most importantly allow realistic testing with superlative precision. Battery simulation with ERS-BIC is also ideal for:

  • Performance tests
  • Lifespan tests
  • Testing of cost effectiveness
  • Tests on the safety and convenience of components
  • Simulations to determine behavior in borderline areas

If ERS-BIC is used for battery simulation, the system can mimic the function of the vehicle’s energy accumulator for the duration of the test. This allows driving profile tests or solely battery tests to be carried out.

The facts – ERS-BIC is the high-power solution

With a maximum output of up to 2400 kW and areas of use between 48 V and 1200 V, ERS-BIC always delivers an adequate supply of energy, not just for battery models already integrated and battery simulation. It is operated conveniently via an intuitive touchscreen or a pre-configured interface. The system is highly dynamic with rise times of < 1ms.
Extensive safety functions such as interlocking / emergency stop, output relay, zero current connection or switchable insulation monitors add the finishing touch to ERS-BIC.


  • High dynamic DC-Source and load with energy recovery
  • For high voltage applications up to 1200V
  • For simultaneous and independent testing of two devices
  • Different kind of operation modes for flexiblity
  • Operation, control and parameterization via touchscreen or automation interface
  • Output floated und short-circuitproof
  • Sense-function for output operation of voltage drop in the load pipeline
  • Continious transition between source- and load-operation
  • Voltage-, current- or output control
  • Adjustable internal resistance control
  • Digital regulation control parametrizable
  • Water-cooling system

ERS-BIC Datasheet (PDF)

DC sources / sinks for testing rigs for battery simulation

The devices in the ERS series are designed especially for battery simulation. The following features of the DC sources / sinks for testing rigs are important:

  • Table output voltage even with pulse currents
  • Simulation of the battery’s internal resistance
  • Parameterizable battery models
  • Dynamic rated value change up to 1 kHz
  • Continuous transition between source and sink mode
  • Switchable insulation monitor function

Battery tests and verification of high-voltage batteries

For testing rigs used to test and verify high-voltage batteries from the EV and HEV sector, the DC sources / sinks must meet special requirements. These include, among others, the following criteria:

  • Currentless connection of the battery
  • Charging and discharging mode with automatic switch-off
  • Discharging of the output capacities on switch-off
  • Rated value monitoring and monitoring of the system limits
  • Automatic toggling of control types
  • Switchable insulation monitor function  

Bidirectional Power Supply 0 – 2,000V

ERS Compact

ERS Compact is the ideal solution for your 48 Volt applications.

ERSC Heinzinger Automotive Battery Test

Electronic Load 0 – 2,000V


HELR is the ideal solution for your battery recycling applications.

HELR Heinzinger Automotive electronic load
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