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When It Really Matters – Service from Heinzinger Automotive

Heinzinger’s comprehensive service begins long before you actually buy our products.


We offer extensive after-sales and support services for our products. To ensure the high quality and precision of Heinzinger power units, our service center in Rosenheim is extensively fitted out with high-precision, specialist equipment.

Of course, we also have personnel here with first-class training and service engineers with many years’ experience of handling our products. Through close contact with our customers and users, we have also built up a tremendous wealth of experience in a wide range of applications.

Let us impress you with our service, either at your premises or here at ours. 

  • Our own high voltage laboratory with high voltage resistors and capacities for extensive load simulations in the high voltage range. Our HV laboratory is fully shielded and therefore also absolutely ideal for sensitive measurements and EMC determination.
  • High current and high voltage resistors in our test fields, but also various magnets, allow all kinds of load types to be simulated, even in the high current range.
  • Our mains supply with our own transformer feed means that devices with very high outputs of up to 1 MVA, along with various mains voltages, can also be tested.
  • Our own EMC measuring chamber with suitable measuring equipment for all kinds of measurements in accordance with European EMC directives.
  • Certification of our products on a project and customer-specific basis in accordance with a wide range of global standards, in collaboration with certified testing organizations such as MET, Eurofins or TÜV.

Customer Service & Maintenance

Heinzinger power supplies are renowned worldwide for their superb reliability. Manufacturer calibration, traceable according to ISO 9001 to the PTB testing standard, is an additional method we use to safeguard reproducibility.

We offer you an on-site service, spare parts and repairs for all Heinzinger power units produced in recent decades.

We are delighted to offer you a maintenance and/or service contract for Heinzinger Automotive power units that are used in sensitive environments. After all, service needs to be planned in order to be able to offer predictive advice and to spare the customer’s resources. As part of this contract we will regularly check your equipment, carry out recalibrations and replace any wear parts where necessary. 

With regular maintenance and the use of suitable calibration methods by our service experts, the performance of your power units can be permanently maintained at a high level. Our tailormade service concept increases the availability of your technology considerably.

Training Courses

The training and instruction of your employees in how to handle our power units represents an essential element of the predictive and plannable service concept from Heinzinger. This approach is designed to develop the user’s expertise. In other words, in order to achieve the smallest possible downtimes, employees are comprehensively trained early on in the operation, maintenance and repair of the units and systems. Our level 1 – 3 training courses and train-the-trainer concepts are immensely popular for this.

Service from Heinzinger Automotive

Heinzinger Automotive comprehensive service begins long before you actually buy our products. We are happy to advise you and help you choose the right power unit for your application. Our engineers agree the ideal unit configuration with you and work very closely with you on customer-specific projects.
Our extensive array of measuring and testing equipment, coupled with our many years of experience in the high voltage and high current sector, allows even the most varied solutions to be implemented quickly.

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