Heinzinger Automotive Test System


High dynamic bi-directional power supplies
up to 1200V,
±4800A, ±2400kW, 1 4 DC-channels

ERS-BIC Battery-Test Battery-Simulation Heinzinger Automotive
High Voltage

up to 1,200 V

High Current

up to 4,800 A

High Power

up to 2,400 kW


up to 4 channels

Bidirectional Energy-Recovery Automotive Test Systems

Heinzinger power supplies with energy recovery, specially developed for the high and multifaceted requirement in automotive test system applications, particularly for test requirements in electromobility.

The units are available in a wide output voltage range from 50 kW to 600 kW as standalone unit or up to 2400 kW in master/slave mode.

Low voltages in the 48V range, but also HV voltages up to 1200V can cover even the most different test specimen requirements. Currents can be provided in the low mA range up to several 1000A.
Thanks to the digital control already integrated in the standard configuration, the units can be immediately used for different applications. Applications for battery simulation and battery testing can be supported with the same system.
Extensive interface solutions are available for the integration into the automation system.

Heinzinger Automotive e-mobility car

DC sources / sinks for testing rigs for battery simulation

The devices in the ERS series are designed especially for battery simulation. The following features of the DC sources / sinks for testing rigs are important:

  • table output voltage even with pulse currents
  • Simulation of the battery’s internal resistance
  • Parameterizable battery models
  • Dynamic rated value change up to 1 kHz
  • Continuous transition between source and sink mode
  • Switchable insulation monitor function

Battery tests and verification of high-voltage batteries

For testing rigs used to test and verify high-voltage batteries from the EV and HEV sector, the DC sources / sinks must meet special requirements. These include, among others, the following criteria:

  • Currentless connection of the battery
  • Charging and discharging mode with automatic switch-off
  • Discharging of the output capacities on switch-off
  • Rated value monitoring and monitoring of the system limits
  • Automatic toggling of control types
  • Switchable insulation monitor function

High Voltage Power Supply 1,200V


High voltage power supply ERS-BIC up to 2,400kW.

ERS-BIC Battery-Test Battery-Simulation Heinzinger Automotive

Bidirectional Power Supply 0 – 2,000V

ERS Compact

ERS Compact is the ideal solution for your 48 Volt applications.

ERSC HELR Heinzinger Automotive Battery-Test e-mobility

Electronic Load 0 – 2,000V


HELR is the ideal solution for your battery recycling applications.

ERSC HELR Heinzinger Automotive Battery-Test e-mobility
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